Paralympic Team Decided For Canada

Canadian Paralympic committee and Sail Canada have chosen six athletes for Team Canada who would be appearing at the Rio Paralympic Games that would be held in September.

The team consist of veterans like bronze medallist of Sydney 2000 or Paralympic gold medallist of Beijing 2008, the one and the same Paul Tingley. There are others too who have several record performances like Logan Campbell or Scott Lutes.

There would be others like the husband and wife partnership team of Jackie Gay and John McRoberts who won bronze at a sailing event at international levels in Italy, but has most recently been working on as a skipper for Hamble yacht charters.

McRoberts is already a bronze medal holder of Beijing 2008 while Gay would be competing for the first time in Paralympic Games. Bruce Millar competed in the last Paralympic games, three in a row and will set sail by himself with a 2.4mR boat.

The authorities have congratulated all those who have been nominated to appear for sailing in Rio. There is much expectation from Paul and John in particular as they had come close in the last London Olympics and it is felt that they would be going into this competition with a lot of drive and focus. It is known that Team Canada performs well when it comes to sailing and in the last five events they have brought back one gold medal, two bronze and one silver for the country.

With veteran performers the sailing team is confident that this time too they will win big. The three teams have shown brilliance in their performance in the past and it is felt that their preparation is adequate as Rio Olympics comes near. The country would be represented by the respective teams in the month of September when the Paralympic games would be held for sailors across the world.