Comanche Yacht Breaks Records

Jim Clark has been racing in the super maxi yacht, Comanche, which is 100 ft. He has been able to break a transatlantic record with this super yacht. Jim and Kristy Clark raced and set a new record in transatlantic waters with the maxi yacht built for races.

With this maxi yacht they were able to cross the Atlantic in a matter of 5 days, 14 hours, which helped the Comanche to knock over the last record that had an additional 24 hours in it. This was a record that had been held by Mari-Cha IV for about 13 years. She had sailed about 2880 nautical miles, clocking an average of 21 knots in speed.

Comanche has been sailing with her regular skipper, Ken Read. That is because Ken had certain prior commitments in the America’s Cup World Series. The vessel departed on 22nd July in the evening hours from New York and crossed the Lizard line of finish on the 28th July late morning. The vessel was able to achieve what it has been built for, to be able to break records set.

Comanche was able to set a difference of 24 hours over the existing record which is no small deal. Jim Clark, Comanche’s owner who also runs a company specialising in Bareboat charter in Scotland, states that the crew was able to drive the vessel to great heights and reach a new title. He was proud of the achievement of the entire team. He felt that the team worked in perfect harmony and that he was proud of everyone.

Clark is the founder of Netscape and a magnate of Silicon Valley. He has owned several other high profile yachts before like the Athena, which is a 90 m schooner or the J class Hanuman. Many feel that the record was set due to him and his wife’s visions.