Nominations For Sailing Hall Of Fame

Nominations are being asked for candidates to be named who can be voted for National Sailing Hall of Fame. This process is conducted annually and nominations are sought several months before to ensure that everyone gets the chance to put in their nominations and the selection process is as fair and comprehensive as it should be for such prestigious titles in the world of sailing.

The online nomination process makes it easy; though nominations are received through the year, the votes that come in by March 30th in 2018 would be considered. Nominations that are received after this date would be considered for the next class of induction in 2019. The nomination categories are several which include achievements as a sailboat racer, offshore sailor and cruiser. The technical category would include contributions in the technical aspects of sailing such as sail-makers, boat builders, designers and so forth. There is also the contributor category where significant contributions that are made to the sailing experience in the country are considered such as administrators, media people, coaches, teachers and so forth.

The process of nomination includes considering certain terms and conditions that are set down. The person being nominated needs to be a US citizen; anyone of international birth can be nominated who has contributed to the sailing scene in the US in a significant way. The person nominated needs to be about 45 years of age at least. In case of posthumous nominations, this can be done five years after death or when the deceased has reached 45 years of age. The nomination needs to be convincing and hence, accomplishments and contributions in the world of sailing need to be mentioned along with awards received, publications or other kinds of recognition. One can also add on attachments such as images, videos, and links to support their comments.