Sale of Royal Huisman Sailing Yacht Surama


Arne Ploch and Fernando Nicholson have listed the sale of Surama, the sailing yacht of 40.68 meters at the Camper and Nicholsons International. The yacht was designed by Ted Fontaine. It was made to Lloyd’s class and was fully built-in aluminum by the famous shipyard of Netherlands, Royal Huisman. She was delivered in the year 1997 as a ketch that can be used for cruising around the world. It got refitted recently in the year 2017. The interior of Surama was done by Winch Design.

The interior of the yacht was quite relaxing and the fabrics had a neutral shade that got complimented by the lightweight joinery made of teak wood. It has three cabins that can accommodate approximately eight guests. The suite for the large owner is behind and has a private study area along with it which has direct access to the cockpit. There are two other cabins midships for guests, each of which has an individual Pullman birth. All of the cabins of the Surama yacht are attached to fitness facilities. The layout of the deck is optimized for featuring areas that can be used by the guests as well as for handling the sail. The main large cockpit at the backside can be used for al fresco dining. The area for sunbathing is in the front of the main cockpit.
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Enjoy Caribbean Sailing Vacation in Moorings 5000

One of the experiences that the travelers have on their bucket list while they are holidaying at the Caribbean is to charter a sailboat around the BVI. It is considered to be one of the most authentic vacations in the Caribbean as well. Along with spending at the beach of soggy, enjoying snorkeling, witnessing the magnificent splendor of the north sound, and beach hopping at Cane Garden Bay, the travelers can also experience this.

The Moorings have been in the front position for decades now with a fleet of yachts that are suitable for both sailors and travelers. They can explore the wonderful location of the BVI is one of the yachts that they desire to take. Celebrations are on for the company as they are on their 50th year. And so the experience has to be better to mark 50th anniversary.

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The Olympic Boost of Irish Sailing

The establishment of the headquarters of Irish Sailing High Performance has led to a sudden boost in the upcoming Tokyo Olympics for Ireland. Sailors counting up to thirteen will be based in the headquarters. Among these sailors who are silver medalists are also a part. Some names include Annaise Murphey along with Kate Tingle.  The opening of the headquarters in Dun Laoghaire Harbor was done at a cost of €300,000 that was wholly funded by the Irish Sailing Foundation. This is also known to be first base ever established for the Sailing Team of the Irish.

They will be seen as a fresh sailing duo. Annalise was reported as saying that the launch of the headquarters will boost the morale of the sailors as it will give them a better platform to train as a team and to share new and old experiences. She said that it will only help to get a better performance of the Irish sailors especially now, seeing that the Tokyo Olympics are just around the corner.
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Red Bull Gains First Spot At Extreme Sailing Cabo

The Roman Hagara (AUT) and his Red Bull sailing team started the grand finale on a high note with a blistering win by securing the top spot in all of the three races in the 7- team field, which is taking place at Los Cabos, Mexico from 29th November to 2 December.

The Extreme Sailing Series is witnessing its 12thseason with this year event being a tour comprising of 8 events which will take place in the Middle East, Europe and the Americas. And this year event is expected to attract a large number of spectators.
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Luther Carpenter: For The Love Of Sailing

One of the most important things that players must follow is determination and continuity. For achieving success at Olympic, players follow these two things. No other has provided this better than Luther Carpenter, the longest-tenured as well as highly acclaimed coach in the history of the US Olympic Sailing provided guidance to American Athletes which resulted into winning of 4 medals in 3 distinct classes in the last 25 years. This is called an achievement and Luther is highly appreciated for this. He was so clear that once he explained about his honesty in details when he entered in the profile of sailing coach in the year 1990. He never imagined that journey will move so long and that too successfully. He clarified that his attraction towards Olympics is all because of his love and inclination for sailing.

He believed in such thoughts from the junior level. Once he was interrogated by the local yacht club in order to run the races and he cannot wait anymore to anchor up and moved for fleet around and saw that sails were trimmed. He saw people sailing on the balanced boats and poorly sailed boats, all was in his interest. This inclination turned out valuable and he started helping people with boats
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Nominations For Sailing Hall Of Fame

Nominations are being asked for candidates to be named who can be voted for National Sailing Hall of Fame. This process is conducted annually and nominations are sought several months before to ensure that everyone gets the chance to put in their nominations and the selection process is as fair and comprehensive as it should be for such prestigious titles in the world of sailing.

The online nomination process makes it easy; though nominations are received through the year, the votes that come in by March 30th in 2018 would be considered. Nominations that are received after this date would be considered for the next class of induction in 2019. The nomination categories are several which include achievements as a sailboat racer, offshore sailor and cruiser. The technical category would include contributions in the technical aspects of sailing such as sail-makers, boat builders, designers and so forth. There is also the contributor category where significant contributions that are made to the sailing experience in the country are considered such as administrators, media people, coaches, teachers and so forth.

The process of nomination includes considering certain terms and conditions that are set down. The person being nominated needs to be a US citizen; anyone of international birth can be nominated who has contributed to the sailing scene in the US in a significant way. The person nominated needs to be about 45 years of age at least. In case of posthumous nominations, this can be done five years after death or when the deceased has reached 45 years of age. The nomination needs to be convincing and hence, accomplishments and contributions in the world of sailing need to be mentioned along with awards received, publications or other kinds of recognition. One can also add on attachments such as images, videos, and links to support their comments.