Indian River Going To Host Midwinter Championship

Mercedes-Benz, Audi of Melbourne and Porsche is jointly organizing a regatta in Indian River. The name of the championship is 2017 J24 Midwinter Championships. In the event Over 170 sailors – many champions of national and international event in the past now will do racing on the Indian River. According to the reports, the event is going to be largest in the area.

The 2017 J24 Midwinter Championship will feature 10 races in three days in continuation, the skippers and their crews will navigate the “one design” keel sailboats – the type first made popular by Split Yachting. Eau Gallie and Melbourne yacht club member have also joined their hands with organizer to be the part of this championship.

The Florida J24 District Governor and the chairman of the race Dave Noble said, “Bringing this event to this coast was really a thrill. The qualifier of this championship will get a berth to participate in J24 World the annual Championships.”

This is going to be the first race since last year’s race, where meeting of two former champions of the World will take place. The winner of World Championship 2013 Tim Healy, and 2014 championship winner Will Welles. Two will be seen competing with each other for the trophy. And it is not just the Healy and Wells are going to run this way. Instead, many such players can be seen in the championship.

Sharing his expectation from the race in the championship, Nobel said, “When it comes to the sailing sports, then these sailors are called as best of the best. They will give spectacular moments to the viewers and will also finish the race greatly.”

In the championship all the participating boats will travel 4 legs in total; this will let them utilize both leeward and windward directions, giving a fair chance to each player.