Destremau Rounds Cape Horn And Turns North

The last of the 18 Vendee Globe skippers Sebastien Destremau entered Cape Horn on Sunday afternoon to exit the Big South.

The French skipper made a pit stop at Tasmania during his Vendee Globe run to carry out repairs to his TechnoFirst FaceOcean. He was the last skipper to make the safe turn north and head into the Atlantic. He has arrived 37 days after the race leader Armel Le Cleac’h touched on the Tasmanian waters. His closest rival in the 17 places of the Vendee Globe is Dutch skipper Pieter Heerema touched the Cape Hope four days and 16 hours before.

Destremau did not have any regrets about coming to Cape Horn so late and was happy that he had made this far on his 1998 Finot design. The boat completed its first Vendee Globe course in the 2000-2001 season.

He says that this kind of tough sailing across the globe is not what he does very often. He did not have any hope of reaching Cape Horn like the big boys in the race. He could not believe that he has made this far in the race. Destremau is happy to have sailed the boat from Les Sables d’Olonne to the turning point of the Vendee Globe race. He is happy to be heading back to Les Sables d’Olonne.

Sebastien said that the achievement that the team has done so far was beyond their expectations and everyone in the team is very happy. This is a very special moment for the team as well as his family members.

Meanwhile, Eric Bellion is on top of his game and has crossed the Equator in the 9th position. He is all set to enjoy a straightforward finish and is enjoying his last few days of the race to the fullest. Louis Burton will follow suit and finish behind Eric by Wednesday.